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Dr Mince's Gotham Tours
Ulf Goran

How Ulf Goran's name was exploited by Dr Mince




Scottish poet after drinking Super Lager

Ulf Goran had a big beard and played the guitar on telly.

I take myself off to the corner shop

For some chewy gum and the news.

I say hello to the shopkeeper

And I listen to his views.

City got beaten by United

Somebody else was in a fight.

Such and such was burgled

Next door was burned down last night.

And you never see the coppers

Unless they come in for a Mars.

Even then its just in and out

And then they jump back in their cars.

Yeah, right, so I say goodbye

And I wish him a good day.

I wander back on to the rainy street

And I head for the café.

Where its more of the same

But with a choccy topping.

Bus station, roundabouts

Homeless people, shopping.

Harris-dog lover
Harris-dog lover

Brian Harris, former lead singer of The Desirables.
He is fond of a dog called Bunty.
'Decade of failure' is it?
I'll gie him a decade of failure.



Dr Mince freely conceeds that Ulf Goran has never done him any harm.