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Dr Mince's Gotham Tours
Dr Mince Profile - Life in the Gotham Suburbs

Dr Mince is not Dr Mince's real name.  Dr Mince was ordained by the Universal Life Church on 2nd April 2000 using his real name.  He is now known in religious circles as St Larry of Mince.  Dr Mince needs small quantities of money to continue his work.  If there is any left over he gives it away.

Dr Mince was declared a Saint and a Doctor of Divinity by the Universal Life Church in May 2000.  As such, he will grant indulgences and blessings for donations.  Dr Mince will send an authentic certificate of indulgence or blessing to you friend / relative / boss.  Each certificate is an original artwork signed and blessed by Dr Mince.

Dr Mince's Doctorate of Divinity

Mince Kampf

There are many ways in which Dr Mince can enhance your lifestyle.

Improve your life by receiving Dr Mince's blessings and indulgences.
Send somebody an indulgence voucher as a gift.

Our Services

Dr Mince will e-mail therapeutic instructions as a panacea for all your woes.
Dr Mince has therapeutic knowledge of the following conditions:

Dr Mince's Mission - Rio de Janeiro Beaches 2001

Dr Mince contemplates the sins of Brazilians.

Our Leader

Dr Mince is highly qualified in:
Stoat Divination
Fruit Bat Bating

Dr Mince is ordained in the Universal Life Church.

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Dr Mince seeks to convert the ignorant hoards of Londoners.


Dr Mince points at the iniquitous Belgians

Dr Mince likes to dip his Knaks in the Slankie


Dip your Knaks!