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Dr Mince's Gotham Tours
At Home with Jake La Motta

An occasional series where Jake La Motta gives his views on a topical theme.

Jake doesn't have much time for boxing these days.
That is, except for...

Boxing Day !!!


Here's Jake at home with the family
having a fag after his Boxing Day turkey and chips.
He loves the Panyan.

Why don't you e-mail Dr Mince and ask him to ask Jake what he thinks about an issue that concerns you.

Alternatively, read a fascinating and up to date interview with Jake by clicking

I say Dr Mince, please ask Jake about...

Jake says

Stan Collymore broke his leg
after being blessed by Dr Mince.
Football fans beat him up.
Click on Stan - everybody else does.


Here is Edwina Currie
coming out of the toilet.
Click on Edwina to visit her website.
Tell her what you think
Dr Mince could do for her.