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Baobab Café
Mince Café

Perhaps it grows on you.

Mince Rating *


Coffee / Food

A fine selection of coffees, including de-caff!!!
You may wish to try the biltong.


Very handy for Somerfield.
Smokers are not accommodated indoors, so they can pretend to be at work by going outside for a smoke.
Food preperation is up front so you can see what's going on.
Neither fish nor fowl really - the staff look like they'd be more at home in MacDonalds.  Confusing really, as otherwise it is expensive and a tad pretentious.

That which the critics spake.

"...and that Bilboa place on Market Street.  Do they ever put more than three grains of coffee in their cafétieres?  They do great things with that green Mexican stuff that looks like mushy peas though - Glaucoma?  Whatever..."
Davinia M Quorn