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Toni's Restaurant
Mince Café

Just say no.

Mince Rating ZERO


Coffee / Food

I last visited Toni's on 25th March 2002.  Few experiences have left such an impression.  The coffee was rancid.  You know how it happens sometimes that you make filter coffee and then you forget to take out the filter paper?  The coffee grounds turn blue and furry and give off a blue furry aroma.  Well, that's what Toni's coffee reminds me of.  I had one sip - couldn't drink any more and therefore didn't stop to try the food.


Uncanny.  Whilst I waited at the counter, Toni scowled at me from within.  You could tell that he was waiting for Mrs Toni to come and serve me.  It's as if there is a permanent 'atmosphere' between them.
Mrs Toni eventually emerged to unwillingly vend the aforementioned coffee.  I noticed some glasses behind the counter that were thick with dust and grease - who knows what the kitchen is like.  If you are fond of nicotine you could lick the walls.

Let me know if you have an update or any interesting anecdotes about the place.